Manifesto for a Climate and Ecological Emergency

Waterloo Garden Bridge April 2019

The IPCC 1.5C report, published in October 2018, changed everything. In the last Mayoral election I used the phrase Sea Change. The ‘speed and scale’ needed to transform our city in the face of this existential threat, is barely being discussed, let alone enacted.

Extinction Rebellion rightly calls for the transformation by 2025. Setting this target focuses minds to the scale of the challenge. And the narrow window of opportunity, before irreversible tipping points are reached. This is what I am focused on.

I have spent the last 12 months, reflecting on what action is appropriate. I have tested out ideas for policy with friends, family, colleagues and a wider global community on twitter. 

This is not what is ‘politically possible’. That framing is lazy and inappropriate to a Climate Emergency. This policy is what is needed. This is the scale of ambition required to keep us from reaching irreversible tipping points that threaten life on this planet.

London is extraordinarily vulnerable to sea level rise, flooding, water shortages, extreme heat and poor food security. The current Mayor has barely scratched the surface of what is required to keep Londoners safe and healthy.

London came together in World War 2 to counter the threat. We must now mobilise at speed and scale; as a city, nation and global community.

We inspired the wider world in 1939 when we made a stand. We can do this again to save our world from the threat of Climate and Ecological catastrophe.

We need to change everything. This is not just a superficial makeover. It is a metamorphosis. We will need to emotionally support each other as we move into the next stage of civilisation.

Net Zero Carbon 2025 – WW2 scale mobilisation to decarbonise by 2025

Failure to act proportionately to the scale of the crisis is not an option

  1. A customised pathway to net carbon zero 2025 for every Londoner Job transition, re-training and net zero carbon lifestyle counselling.
  2. Education and awareness (as set out by Article 12 of the Paris Agreement) for all children and adults.
  3. A Low Tech New Green Deal Removing fossil fuel cars, installing an emergency cycling network, switching all possible logistics to cargo bikes /sail cargo. Transport for London raising bonds to fund solar on every viable roof to de-carbonise public transport and homes. A de-carbonisation programme that is less extractive, less resource intensive, low energy, quicker and less expensive to implement.
  4. Setting up a sustainable circular economy that is resilient and manageable, repair and maintenance must be doable on a net carbon zero 1.5C lifestyle.
  5. A Town fund and Karma tax to pay for the LTND and a core basic income for every citizen.
  6. Redistribution of housing We can’t afford the Upfront Carbon Emissions of new homes. We have enough housing stock, it is just unequally and unevenly distributed. I cover this is more detail in my research on downsizing
  7. Restoration of London’s ecological health Air, water, soil health restored; removing tarmac for regenerative agriculture, food security and rewilding
  8. Working with the international community to achieve global net carbon zero by 2025

This website has more detailed Transport, Housing and Education and the Environment manifestos

I am currently living the net carbon zero lifestyle of one tonne of carbon per year. By living on the daily net carbon zero carbon budget of 2.7Kg Carbon per day, I am understanding what policies and practices need to be in place to facilitate it.